Agriculture Tractor


Max. Engine Power
348 hp
Max. Travel Speed
70 kph
Max. Torque
1440 Nm
Just one look tells you the new JCB Fastrac 8000 is different. Now discover the difference greater speed, comfort, productivity, safety and versatility, can make to your business.


If you've never experienced the Fastrac from behind the wheel you can't appreciate just how much smoother the ride comfort is in the field and on the road. A mid-mounted cab location, unique all-round suspension and high-spec air seat ensure a ride that's second to none. The CommandPlus cab is the largest on the market. All-round visibility is great, all controls are placed easily to hand and there's a full-size instructors seat so everyone rides safely in comfort. Climate control air conditioning keeps the temperature comfortable and quickly de-mists the windows on early mornings. Opening rear three-quarter windows adds natural ventilation and a fixed roof window option floods the cab with light. Hydrostatic dual steering is lighter and highly responsive making driving effortless.
Properly equipped for its top speed of 70kph with all-round suspension and truck standard air braking, the Fastrac moves from one job to another quicker and more securely than any other tractor of its size and power. Unique all-round suspension means operators can work quicker and longer on uneven field surfaces. Unrivalled 50:50 weight distribution and the traction advantages of suspension on both axles makes the Fastrac 8330 perfect for heavy draft work applications.
A unique combination of safety features makes the Fastrac the safest tractor in its class. Unique four-wheel disc brakes offer more consistent stopping (up to 15% quicker) than any conventional tractor. Advanced anti-lock system (ABS) retains stability and steering whilst optimising braking performance on the road and in the field. The hydrostatic dual steering system significantly reduces operator effort whilst meeting the stringent safety standards required for high speed travel. Superior all-round visibility from the CommandPlus cab.
The unique all-round suspension of the Fastrac ensures superior handling and stability, enabling top road speeds of up to 70kph, the fastest production tractor in the world. The rapid steer option reduces lock to lock turn by 50% and makes headland and other field manoeuvres quicker and easier. The GPS ready capability allows for hands free steering which maximises efficiency by minimalising overlaps and accuracy at up to 40kph for spraying and spreading applications. CVT transmission with improved cruise control functions ensures optimum use of power and torque, with seamless acceleration and power delivery.
Wherever you are in the world, whatever your application, the Fastrac delivers the ultimate in versatility. The purpose-designed chassis gives more implement mounting versatility than any other tractor in its class. The Fastrac's powerful rear hitch combined with optimum linkage geometry lifts a genuine 10,000kg to handle big ploughs, cultivators and mounted drills. For added productivity use with the integrated front hitch with a 3,500kg capacity. Heavy duty axles can be used at 3m track width for controlled traffic and row crop applications.

A top speed of 70kph, the best powertrain and suspension combination, new hydrostatic dual steering system and huge anti-lock braking capability equip the Fastrac 8000 for a life of hard work. And with more implement mounting versatility than any other tractor in its class and the largest, most comfortable cab on the market, the Fastrac 8000 isn’t just unique, it’s unrivalled.


  • Purpose designed chassis gives more implement mounting versatility
  • Performance-proven 8.4 litre, six cylinder engine
  • The fastest production tractor in the world with a top speed of 70kph
  • CVT transmission with improved cruise control
  • All-round suspension ensures a ride that's second to none
  • CommandPlus cab with best in class visibility, comfort and ergonomics

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