Agriculture Tele Wheel Loader


Max. Engine Power
145 hp
Max. Lift Capacity
4100 kg
Max. Lift Height
5.45 m
The JCB TM420S Agri telescopic wheel loader is built to handle anything.


The JCB TM420s Agri telescopic wheel loader’s innovative EcoMAX engine meets Tier 4 Final regulations without a DPF. This means that costly DPF regeneration or replacement is never a worry. Making the most out of every drop of precious fuel, JCB regenerative hydraulics harness gravitational forces to make boom lowering and retract more energy efficient and productive. The hydraulics are also load-sensing, only consuming power on demand to conserve fuel. The cab of the JCB TM420s Agri boasts a pressure release button for front and rear hydraulic services ensuring quick and safe changeover of attachments. Boom end damping on lift/extend and retract improves material retention and makes cycle work smoother. High flow pipework gives greater flow to the boom; this is ideally suited to attachments demanding high flow, like silage defacers and straw spreaders. Choose our Auto SmoothRide system for even greater load retention when travelling at speed on roads and fields. Auto SRS engages at speeds of 2.5mph (4kph). The system can be manually engaged with the boom in any position. High back-off power brakes reduce viscous drag during roading and rehandling, which improves fuel economy.
The JCB TM420S Agri features a JCB EcoMAX Tier 4 Final engine with variable geometry turbo. This 4.8 litre 145hp (108kW) engine delivers increased performance – like a massive 560Nm of torque – at low engine speeds. In turn, this means optimum response, cycle times and tractive effort, together with fuel-efficient matching of transmission and hydraulics. For ultimate traction and performance in soft, muddy ground, we fit 4WD as standard. Choose limited slip differentials for even greater performance in challenging conditions. The TM420S Agri variable flow auxiliary hydraulics are easy to use, and designed to maximise productivity and efficiency. This system also allows for various functions to be performed at the same time, reducing cycle times. You can change flow rate on-the-go – perfect for straw spreader or sweeper use, while the second boom auxiliary option caters for a wide range of twin auxiliary attachments. Constant flow hydraulics are intuitive, with an in-cab display of the flow rate which can be adjusted on the go. Torque converter lock-up is selectable in gears two to six on this telescopic wheel loader for more efficiency and productivity. 4.1 tonne lift capacity for increased performance and productivity.
The JCB TM420S Agri telescopic wheel loader’s informative in-cab display performs daily checks, including coolant level and engine oil level. Graphite impregnated bronze bushes have helped us extend greasing intervals to 500 hours, maximising uptime. It’s easy to fill both the diesel and DEF tanks on this telescopic wheel loader from ground level. Both tanks also have built-in pre-filters in the filler necks to guard against dirt and contaminants, with separate keys to prevent cross contamination. Self-lubricating boom wear pads and dry boom lubrication provides virtually maintenance-free operation. Engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel filters are centrally located for easy servicing. The air filter is easily accessed too, and its double-element design simplifies cleaning. The JCB TM420S Agri is equipped with a large, wide service bay that’s accessed via a gas-assisted bonnet. This setup allows fast and easy inspection around three sides of the engine. There’s excellent cab access, with three points of contact and ergonomically positioned grab handles and steps. Hose burst check valves (HBCVs) on the rams prevent collapse if a hose fails. Adaptive Load Control technology automatically controls hydraulic operation, helping to maintain the longitudinal stability of the machine. In order to protect your investment, the TM420S Agri is fitted with JCB LiveLink telematics tracking realtime vehicle position as standard with optional immobiliser key for added security. Our optional rear-view camera displays an unobstructed rearward view on the in-cab colour monitor onboard your TM420S Agri. A reverse alarm is fitted as standard to the JCB TM420S Agri to alert bystanders.
The TM420S Agri telescopic wheel loader’s stringent testing program has included high stress loading of the chassis, boom and other key components, as well as repeated transmission use over thousands of typical agricultural work cycles. The centrally mounted lift, tilt and extension rams eliminate boom twisting and are held in place by centrally-mounted keyhole castings for even greater structural integrity. At JCB, we make our own hydraulic cylinders, cabs, axles, transmissions and engines – all designed to work in perfect harmony for optimum reliability. To provide long-term protection, we dip every TM420S Agri cab in electrophoretic alloy before painting it. The TM420S Agri features heavy duty chassis and boom construction for ultimate strength and reliability. A heavy-duty centre joint takes both vertical and horizontal loadings for maximum durability and rigidity. The widecore cooling pack with optional hydraulic reversing fan removes built up debris. Set the reverse fan to manual or automatic at the flick of a switch. This telescopic wheel loader’s cast rear counterweight helps prevent impact damage; recessed rear lights are mounted above the counterweight for added protection.
Our new HVAC (Heater, ventilation and air conditioning) system keeps operators comfortable and focused for longer, while the 3-speed fan heater can help create the right working temperature all year round, from the depths of winter to hot harvesting days. Boom end damping on boom lift and extend/retract and bucket dump functions helps reduce shock to the operator and the machine itself. The JCB TM420S Agri telescopic wheel loader cab is large and roomy with plenty of room for home comforts and work essentials. An LED colour screen on the dash provides operators with useful information such as efficient running, fuel remaining, fuel used since last fill, and current average fuel consumption figures. This also shows extra information like Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) level, and times to the next service interval. Backlit switches ensure quick and accurate control recognition, even in the dark. Optional air conditioning makes it even easier to find the perfect cab temperature on this telescopic wheel loader.

The class leader when it comes to lift capacity and tearout force, it also has a 5.4m lift height, 2.95m forward reach and the superb JCB EcoMAX engine. In short, it’s been designed and built from scratch to deliver all the power and strength you could ever hope for in an articulated machine.

Add great ergonomics, high residuals and easy servicing, and the TM420S Agri is a telescopic wheel loader that’s made to offer productivity without compromise.

  • Designed to be easy to service, saving you time and money
  • All-day comfort, keeping operators fresh and productive
  • Fuel efficient regenerative smart hydraulics
  • High power and torque at low revs for ultimate productivity
  • JCB EcoMAX engine meets Tier 4 Final regulations without a DPF

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